The humble Spanish Omelette. Bring a piece of Spain to your kitchen.


Italians have their pizza, Greeks have their Souvlakis and in the province of Quebec, we have the poutine. Perhaphs, the dish that represent the most the gastronomy of Spain is the humble tortilla de patatas or spanish omelette.

Walk into any Spanish bar or restaurant from a major city such as Madrid or Barcelona to a town like Burgos and you will find this food staple. It will presented as tapa mostly. It is very rare to see it as main dish in a restaurant.

It  is said that the tortilla is born from a story of a man named  General Zumalacarregui who was very hungry but and found himself at a farmhouse demanding food. The peasant who only had eggs and potatoes put  the two together and made an omelette, resulting in the birth of the tortilla.  However there are other theories about its origins. For example, across the Mediterranean and the Near-East, there are countless variations of what you cann call an omelette. Interesting this dish originated in Persia as the kookoo sabzi and then gradually moved west. In Turkey, it was  called the Kaygana. In Italy, it evolved into the frittata. In France, of course the omelette and in Spain, it is the Tortilla Española or at times, the Tortilla de Patatas.

A tortilla is best enjoyed with a young fruity wine. A Rioja crianza will do the job. If your tortilla has a a meat element such as chorizo or jamon, you can have a Rioja reserva or Ribera del Duero. If you are feeling in a very festive mood, why not a Cava. On a lazy weekday evening when you do not feel like cooking, you can make a delcious tortilla rather than take out. It will be cheaper and healthier too.

Back in October when i started this blog, i tasted the wines of Campo Viejo. They have been making wine since 1959 in the Rioja. Campo Viejo is the child of two Spanish wine lovers, Beristain and Ortigüela. They make that embodies the embodies Riojan wine traditions. For everyday weekday drinking their wines deliver amazing value.

Suggestions for the Tortilla:

campo viejo

Campo Viejo Rioja 2012. Price: $15.35. SAQ Code: 11462446.

Ruby Colour with aromas of ripe cherry and horsesaddle notes. Some seasoned oak as well. In the mouth, full body with chewy fruit and a nice acidity. Drink now. 88\100


Campo Viejo Reserva 2008 Price: 19.95$. SAQ Code: 12275360

Medium ruby colour with purple red nuances. Brooding dark fruit aromas with hints of toasty oak, cocoa. Cherry liqueur and vanilla. Nuances of ashes Full body, medium to high acidity. Chewy Tannins with a nice rustiness to it. Long in the mouth with retronasal flavors remind me of leather, barnyard and other animal nuances. 90\100