Celler de Capçanes Montsant Mas Donis 2017

( Before you read: Sample given by the importer for evaluation purposes)

As we enter the Spring season, most of us ( I hope) will be preparing for the upcoming BBQ season. I do ” la parrilla” all year along but it is more comfortable when you don’t have to wear a coat to endure Sub-Zero temperatures.

BBQ is a convivial and pleasant food making ritual that doesn’t require complicated wines. Basically, you are looking for a wine that encourages conversation and storytelling. My choice of wine would be most of the times a hearty red with not too much tannins, good acidity and sexy shades of fruit. I do as well roses, white and even orange wines but tinto is my color choice for the charred flavours of meat, poultry and vegetables.

Not long ago, I had a chance to taste the Mas Donis 2017 from Celler de Capçanes in Montsant adjacent to Priorat.

Montsant has been earning a solid reputation as a great value competitor to the mighty Priorat region. It is because of their reds for which Montsant has become renowned for, the best of these superb renditions of old-vine plantings of Garnacha. As a matter of fact, they can even give a run for the money to high-end Priorat

Celler de Capçanes is located  in the village of Capçanes in the Priorat hills  in the outskirts of the Priorat wine region in the appellation of Montsant.

The business started in the 1930s when, as a co-operative, five families pulled out their resources produce all of the wines of the village together.

Capçanes started their road to stardom when they decided to bottle their wines and since 1995, has taken the titles as one of the region’s most up-and-coming producers. Capçanes has a magnificent terroir as well consisting of clay, slate, limestone and sandy soils combined with a beautiful climate to grow healthy grapes.

Mas Donis is a multi blend of Tempranillo, Grenache, Merlot, Syrah, and Samso. This wine spent a brief amount of time in oak barrels but mostly is made in stainless steel. Fragant aromas of blue fruit with aromatic violets, lavender and licorice. Round and very pleasant to drink, I really get a kick from this wine specially from its stony mineral finale. Highly recommend it. Available at the moment by private importation in 12 bottle ($19.75) case by Trialto. Great buy for all your spring BBQs needs.




Garnacha Blanca, the white of the summer

Garnacha Blanca is grown primarily in the regions of Catalunya and Aragon. Unlike the French, Spanish winemakers like to produce single bottlings made with this wine, sometimes fermented over its less and in oak, yielding wines with a unique personality. The variety originated in Spain and then spread to the Southern Rhone. 

These are  racy wines which are medium to full body. They have floral aromas as well as citrus and yellow fruits. When made well, they can also smoky and minetal flavors. White garnacha is made as a monovarietal but also can be found in blends with Maccabeo.

Here are my suggestions for some Garnachas Blancas available at the SAQ:

Baronia del Montsant Flor d’Englora Garnatxa 2014. SAQ #12825051. $20.15

Aromas of hay, ripe yellow stone fruits, smoke with a touch of lemon peel. On the mouth, full body with a medium acidity. Refreshing with a touch of minerality in the finish. 92/100

Celler Acustic 2015. SAQ #11902077. $24.85

Distinguished floral nose with cray and mustard seed nuances. On the mouth, full body and dry with flavors of almond cake and earthy ground cherries. Persistent and smoky finale. 93/100