A wine homecoming

an instance of returning home.

The world of wine learning is full of surprises with its respective ups and downs. It is similar to a life quest with the difference that if we go to far we might get lost and long for the familiar feeling again.

For me this sensation  is what makes you feels safe and conjures a feeling of warmness that has been plastered to your memory. It can be a powerful souvenir such as returning to your childhood vacation home or the smell of your grandma kitchen for instance. The first impression will always be there even if the feeling may come and goes at different times in your life journey. If we are lucky enough and have the means, it is possible to recreate the feelings

Some of my powerful familiar feelings in my life come from food and wine. The earliest that I can recall involved my grandmother preparing breakfast for me when I was a child. As a little boy growing up in Venezuela, I remember with joy the intoxicating toasty corn smell of the arepa as it was being turned in the budare. Looking vividly the Arepas as they cooked, my mouth salivating, as the aroma of the Arepas spread throughout the kitchen. Now when I have a chance to make an arepa, this souvenir come back, as if it happened yesterday.

The grape that is the poster symbol for my love of Spanish wines is not Tempranillo but Garnacha. The bouquet of a well made Garnacha wine-dark fruit, coffee, olive, leather, tar, spice, and black pepper is Spain for me. A copita of Garnacha was my choice of wine when i used to go for midnight tapas  in the retiro area of Madrid. A glass of Carinena was just bliss with a calamar sandwich and portion of patatas bravas after a visit to El Prado on a chilly saturday fall day.

By next Friday, I will get to relive it all. My own personal  homecoming to Spain and its wines. I will be spending a few days in the ancestral home of Garnacha: Aragon and its french outpost the Rousillon.  My mind and body is already prepared to receive the bounty of its communion. This short trip will be a journey into introspection. I cant help to think of the words of the wise Carl Jung:

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.


To prepare myself for the pilmigrage to come, this week I tasted the Edetaria Via Terra Alta 2016 ( SAQ # 13803021 , $18.55). Made exclusively with Garnacha peluda, a mutation of red Garnacha and typical of the Terra Alta DOP in Catalonia.

Deep and soulful notes of roasted herbs, toasted coffe beans, blue fruit and cocoa. Warm and generous in the palate, it recalls to me the flavours of Tarragona and the goodness of Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Ripe tannins with a spicy peppery finale, it is a perfect wine to have with your summer bbq’s.


Stay tuned via these pages and The Montreal for a diffusion of this wonderful adventure to come!!!

Hasta luego