Me, on the vineyards of Santorini Island on 2013

First, I am a passionate wine lover and then I am a wine writer. I became seriously interested in wine while living in Montreal, Canada around the year 2000. During that time, I was living with a French lady. One sunny warm Saturday afternoon in the spring season, we did a bbq in the terrace of our apartment. She made me try a beautiful bottle of Saumur Champigny, a Loire Valley appellation in France. To this day, I do not remember the producer of that magical bottle but what I can tell you is that it was stardust in my eyes. Christine Laurent, now deceased was the mother of my wine passion.

As the years passed, I self learned everything I could about wine. I read magazines, books and most important tasted a lot of wines. Since I was a student, my budget was pretty limited. However, many value discoveries were including Spanish wines. Actually, if I a take look at some of my early wine journal entries, many of the wines that I tasted were Spanish.

My total immersion in Spanish wines came when I was living in Madrid, Spain between the years of 2002-2004. I became in love with all the amazing wines of Spain. For instance, It was love at first sight with Rioja and Ribera del Duero but also a passionate affair with Priorat  and Montsant!!. These were the years when the Riojas of Alta Expresion were in full fashion and when Priorat was the darling of international wine critics.

In 2004, I came back to Montreal. I continued tasting and learning about wine. I kept drinking Spanish wines but to a lesser extent. Italy, and France kept my attention, mostly.

In 2010, my wife encouraged  me to take my passion to a professional level. She motivated me to take wine courses at the ITHQ in Montreal, Quebec. It is because of her, that I became a Sommelier.  If Christine was the mother of my passion, Elisabeth, my wife, set out the wine hurricane on me.

Soon after, I started writing a wine chronicle for the independent newspaper, The Montreal Times. I write a column in which i choose a topic of my choice and then i taste between 3-4 wines. The Times, has been the gate to my journalistic career in the world of wine. I also published tasting notes for renowned Canadian wine critic, Natalie Maclean.

I also blog on the Italian Canadian online-press publication, Panoram Italia, where I specialize on Italian wines. Besides this blog, I am also the publisher of Il Vino di Marco, where I blog about other European wines. From time to time, I also do freelancing for other International lifestyle publications.

However, this blog is not about meanymore. Recently, I have enlisted the help of Ana Gallegos. She is a top Mexican sommelier, who is preparing for the Court of Masters Sommelier program. You can read about her bio in the contributors section of my main page.  She is also very passionate and professional blogger and she covers the francophone viewership of my blog.

The purpose of this blog is to eventually become the online source for Spanish wines available in the SAQ and in the private importation network. I aspire to represent most Spanish wine regions with a wide array of tasting notes will be available. However, although Canadian in focus for my market, I also growing an International readership.

I recently won the Ethnifacts Diversity Grant for the Wine Bloggers Conference 2017. This scholarship permitted me to assist in the latest WBC conference, a niche gathering of wine bloggers around the world.

If you are curious, I have over 500 followers in twitter and more than 300 in instagram. Although, it is minuscule, I am working for a larger social media exposure. I am a newbie, only blogging for 3 years

I dedicated this blog to my dear wife, Elisabeth Lemay and to my daughter Alessia. They are the ones that bring out the best of me.




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  1. I only wish I knew about your blog sooner. I am finishing up a 30-day stay in Quebec City, and have become quite a regular at the nearby SAQ store! Your wisdom and insights are quite valuable! I’ve enjoyed the variety of wines here, that are not available in stores in my Northern California home. I wish you success and best wishes in your wine adventures!

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