Succes Vinicola Feedback

I am on vacation at the moment, so the wine reviews are taking a back seat for the moment

Before I left for Walt Disney, I tried this wonderful Spanish wine

It is under $30 and one of my greatest wine discoveries of the year so far.

A pretty mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Trepat and Ull de Lebre. This is the perfect red to drink this summer, if still available through the good people of Wino Import in Quebec

The wine comes from Catalan country, specifically the Conca de Barbera appellation.

Never heard before of Succes Vinicola before. I love their labels and more importantly is that they craft true Pueblo wines.

It has nice blackberry undertones with exotic spices such as nutmeg and cloves. Digest and so easy to drink, it is very hard not to finish the bottle. Perfect with rice and fish based dishes.

Get a case now and enjoy it to the fullest!!

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