Protos Reserva 2011-Undervalued Ribera del Duero?

When it comes to wine, seldom we find undervalued wine bottles, specially from very famous wine areas. Ribera del Duero is no exception to the rule. Top Ribera will set you $50 at least and if you want to drink the elite bottles expect to pay a handsome amount in the $100+.

The first week I went to Spain, Protos was one of the first Spanish wines that I came to recognize. In every Jamon joint in Madrid, they had a bottle tucked in with a Serrano or Pata Negra in the window shelf. Even my taxi driver, who was not versed in wine was talking to me about this wine.

With time, I discover Protos and fell in love with this great Ribera del Duero Classic. A great Ribera made along the old school style of the appellation with a very appropiate price.

Originally known as the Cooperativa de Pañafiel,  Bodegas Protos winery was founde in 1927. It was the first winery of the Ribera del Duero. This project started with the union of some of the best Spanish winemakers at the time and through their efforts and perseverance, they became one of Spain greatest wineries.

The name “Protos” derives from Greek to mean “first.” This name brings back the fact that they were the pioneer estate  of Peñafiel, Spain, founding the winemaking of the Ribera. The incredible growth of the Bodegas Protos winery led them to expand nationally and internationally, and thanks to the classical  wines they have  created, this winery was able to construct their new facilities in the surrounding mountains.

Protos Reserva Ribera del Duero 2011. SAQ # 13321541. $35.00

2011 was a great harvest in Ribera del Duero which was heralded by the Spanish and International wine press alike. Tempranillo vines had an extended growing period which allowed for a healthy and slow maturation.The climate provided ideal conditions for a uniform harvest that resulted in great wines for many estates.

Protos is aged for 18 months mostly in new french oak with 20 % american type. The wine ages a furthet 18 months in bottle. 

A powerful wine with a deep core of  black fruits  and nice toasty notes, Spicy, and very complex. The palate is racy with lots of flavours and round tannins. Great acidity with a good backbone and a lingering finish. A slight passage in a carafe for 30 minutes will be perfect if you want to drink it now. By experience, it can age well for a decade and even more. Great with roasted game dishes and also with lamb stews.

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