Party on with Viernes Mencia


Viernes Mencia  is a red wine from the trendy D.O.P made by Bodegas Godelia. The bodega can be found in the district of Pieros, an historical setting which was witness to the passage of countless pilgrims making their way to Santiago de Compostela. Godelia has reinvented itself to stand along with their peers in the region as a fine representative of the special character of the Mencia grape and El Bierzo.

This wine is made 100% with Mencía grapes from one of the winery’s single vineyards, with vines between 12 and 21 years of age, situated at 500-700 metres above sea level.


Tasting Notes from the 2014. SAQ Code: 12751451. Price: $16.45

The beaujolais of Spain but with a darker profile. Perfumed nose of black berries with fresh cracked pepper lying on a bed of violets. On the mouth,  Full body with a cashmere texture alike and silky tannins. Very perfumed retronasal flavors as well.

Exceptional wine for the price. For $16.45, buying a case is imperative.

Have it alone in a party with your friends or with grilled chicken with pesto, or grilled sausages.  Or do, like i do by listening David Bowie.

Hasta Luego!!!

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